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2018-11-28 16:32:17
National Grid will be deployed in 27 cities, electric car charging station
Two sessions, the automotive industry is probably a hot topic of new energy vehicles. Following the government to provide financial subsidies to individuals to buy new energy vehicles, the news spread
2018-11-23 16:56:00
Lithium battery explosion, China fights for dominance
Power storage technology is the most important backing for the new energy industry, and Tesla, which produces the affordable electric model Model3, is now the most eye-catching and most active battery technology company. Tesla and Panasonic's super factory plans are now creating a lot of jobs in the US. Emerging industries, and ready to expand globally, but in fact, China is the largest battery manufacturing country in the future, and the production capacity will far exceed Tesla's super factory.
2018-11-23 17:10:00
Lithium battery protection circuit works
In the normal state of the circuit in the N1's "CO" and "DO" feet are high-voltage output, the two MOSFET are in the conduction state, the battery can be free to charge and discharge, MOSFET on-resistance is small, usually less than 30 milliohms, so its on-resistance of the circuit performance is very small. In this state, the current consumption of the protection circuit is μA, usually less than 7μA.
2018-11-23 17:03:00
Interim Measures for the Administration of Electric Bicycles in Wuhan City
"Interim Measures for the Management of Electric Bicycles in Wuhan City" has been examined and adopted at the 138th executive meeting of the Municipal People's Government on May 23, 2011 and is hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of June 17,
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